Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Props} Thank you Banner

HI Everyone!

I know it's been a hot minute since I have posted on this blog. I am super duper behind on the blog but October is an INSANE month for me. On top of that, December I will be out of town almost the entire month! So... here is to hoping for a catch up period in November! :)

I was looking up different ideas to use for props at a wedding. Props can be a great tool to give your client different takes on things. I love the idea of the THANK YOU picture. You put it in your thank you cards to guest who attended your wedding. I saw them on Etsy.com and decided I wanted to take the time to try and make my own. Well... guess what it was a SUCCESS! (And it only took me 45 min!)

Pre-cut card stock (Shapes don't matter as long as one fits in the other)
4 inch or 5 inch letter stickers
Scissors or hole puncher

1. You glue your first piece of card stock and your smaller piece of card stock together. The smaller on top of the bigger.

2. You take your first sticker letter and place it centered on the smaller piece.

3. Repeat until you have finished writing out all your letters.

4. Cut a tiny slit at the top of each card. Make sure that the cut is centered well.

5. One by one place the cards on the ribbon fastening them with knots to keep their places.

6. Once cards are fastened... Product is COMPLETE! ;)


<3 Brittani 

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